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This song is by James.

Pleasures of the night
Seaman's delight


Pleasures of the night
What a sight
Oh no, the organ plays by itself
It doesn't need the grinder's help and the monkey
And the monkey stow away to sea
Back to his wife and a nest in the trees

Billy's brother plays bass in a band called Man
He fancies himself as a traveling ham
Strutting and fretting them into fame
In a torn t-shirt he'll carve his name


Looking for adventure and some mystery
He doesn't need the grinder and he doesn't want me

Stripped off his suit
So let the poor beast be
Oh, let the poor beast be

The man said, "Ho ho wee, this is too hot for me!"
Billy's shirt's on fire in the night
He said, "Ho wee this is too hot to see."
Billy's shirt's on fire in the night

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