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Charlie Dance

This song is by James and appears on the album Strip-mine (1988).

Oh, Charlie, don't dance dance dance
Your head's in a whirl
In a blind romance
Oh Charlie, look away look away
Do you believe what the good doctor says

Now there's rumors in the city that the banks might close
Close for a long holiday
And the papers are full of a new meltdown
Hold your breath, for the winds are all change

Oh, no, Charlie dance dance
Oh, go, Charlie dance dance
Oh, Charlie dance dance

The minister says, put your hands on your head
Try and breath through your nose
Flat on the floor, bum in the air
Let's all do the death throes
Don't drink the milk, but the water is fine
The cows got caught in the rain
Charlie, believe what the government says
They don't moo anymore, but I'm sure they're not dead
Don't chew anymore, but I'm sure they're not dead

Oh, go Charlie dance dance
Oh, no Charlie dance dance

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