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​Temporamental Dancer

This song is by Jamarta.

Here here here we go now.
Is it my clothes, is it my car?
Is it sometimes I go too far?
Is it the day?
It is the week?
Is it because I'm a freak?

What did I do. to piss you off?
What did I say, to make you go away?
What should I do?
To stop you feeling blue
Are you still mad
'Cause I trod on your shoes.

Is it the guy, is it the girl?
Is it the planets, or is it the world?
Maybe you seem so cross,
Sure people who won't give a toss

But I'm sorry,
That I can't dance,
When I dropped my pants,
Everyone stared at me (at me)
And I'm sorry,
If I ruined your life
I didn't do it out of spite,
Does that make it all right (all right)