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Wildest Dreams

This song is by Jamai and appears on the album Jamai (2003).

You, go around in circles in my mind
Wondering were yoyu are toninght
I have a dream you're in my life
That your lying here it's all right

You don't see the smile, that's in your eyes
How deep of love and feeling
It's making me believing

Maby I can hold you
Baby I can show you
Like a river on it through your heart
Don't know where to start
To find the words to tell you
That I love you
With my hopes around you
Only when I close my eyes
Do you realise
That is only in my wildest dreams

Ooh open ups the door into your life
Only you can let me in tonight
You want believethe joy you bring to me
Your the sun. the moon revolve in my world

Tell me, if it's only make believing
You may be my destiny
Could you feel the same for me

Only in my wildest dreams

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