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Take My Heart Away

This song is by Jake and appears on the album Jake (2000).

(One, two, three, four)

Verse one:
Don't worry, baby, I won't go away
Can't you feel it in the way that I tell you
That I'm here to stay
Don't worry, darling, it ain't no lie
Can't you tell by the way that I love you
Love is so alive
(One, two, three, four)

I won't take my heart away
Baby, I am here to stay
I only want to hear you say
Hear you say you love me
Don't take your heart away
Tell me everything's okay
I only want you here beside me

Verse two:
Listen to me, baby, I've got to let you know
Can't you tell by the way that I hold you
I'll never let you go
Let me tell you, darling, this love will survive
Can't you feel it when I say I love you
That it feels so right, yeah

'Instrument break'


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