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This song is by Jake and appears on the album Army of Love (2002).

There's a brand new sun
Hanging in the sky today
It's been there every morning
When I pull back the curtains
And open up the shades
It hit me without warning
Maybe it's my point of view
But everything has changed since I met You

Now life is sparkling
And love is glistening
I'm finding everything
Looks a whole lot brighter
Not a day goes by
Without a clear blue sky
And You're the reason why
It looks a whole lot brighter

Na na na na na na

The clouds of the past
Do their best to block the sun
Casting shadows
But the light of Your love
Makes the darkness turn and run
And I'm standing in its glow
It's like nothing I've ever seen
It's like the sun is following me

(repeat chorus)

Na na na na na na (x3)

(repeat chorus)

Na na na na na na (x3)

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