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My King My God

This song is by Jaime Jamgochian and appears on the album Reason To Live (2005).

Only this I ask of the Lord
This I seek to know You more
To gaze upon the beauty of our God
Lord of Light who we adore

You are my refuge
I will always run to You

In all that I do, I want to Glorify, to lift on high
My King, My God
Let every part of me exalt Your name, I will proclaim
My King, My God

Brighter than the stars you light the world
With who You are for all to see
So let us dwell with You for all our days
Before Your perfect majesty

Great are Your promises
So I give my heart to you

Great are You oh, God
You're my King, You're my God

Let everything I do
Let everything I am
Let every part of me
Exalt Your Holy name
My King, My God

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