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Heart Of Heaven

This song is by Jaime Jamgochian and appears on the album Reason To Live (2005).

I've come to seek Your face
I want to know Your ways
I'll throw my cares to the wind
I want to trade my doubts
Oh, would You show me how
To find Your heart again

Will You reveal Your power
Send down Your Holy fire
Till only You remain
And let Your kingdom come
Oh, may Your will be done
Till I am forever changed

You're the heart of heaven
You're the lover of my soul
You are high and exalted
And I worship You alone
For You are Holy, You are worthy
You deserve the highest praise
My King of Glory, how I love You
Hallowed be thy Holy Name

You make me overflow
I want the world to know
It's You, it's You alone
And it's the words You say
They take my breath away
This love I've never known

I'm amazed, so amazed
Haven't felt like this
For a long, long time

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