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Sweet Memories

This song is by Jade Anderson.

and im still awake,
I've laughed so hard that my head starts to ache,
Friends drink, pass out on the ground,
as the record skips goin round and round.

My dancing shoes are well abused,
My hair is just doin its own thing,
But I feel alright, I had fun last night,
I smile to myself as I sing,

cause I know (i know)
that these days (these days)
will be memories, specially made for me,
i know (i know)
i'll look back, (i'll look back)
smiling at things we say, crazy games we play
i know, Sweet memories, ohhh, yea-a

Sun wakes, upon sleepy eyes,
hangover complaints come as no surprise,
we all stroll down, to the cheap cafe, in a world of our own,
with cars so far away


long as life dont fade too soon,
while dancing with guys to the latest june,
we'll all wake up in the afternoon, cause you know its alright,

some days I feel so complicated,
a moody thought i've always hated,
thank the lord im not jaded,
oh oh oh yeah
The sun she sets on summer days,
drowns the strret in golden rays,
something thought, i never knew,

(chours X2)

ad-lib of chours.

Baby the sweet memories

ad-lib more