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This song is by Jadakiss and appears on the album Kiss Tha Game Goodbye (2001).

JadaKiss (talking)
Shut the door Bobby. You know why I dad to send the boys to come got you. Your talking like a bitch now bobby shut the fuck up. Yo bobby, come here I wanna tell you something. Come o- come over here, come over here, come over here... (kissing sound)

Jadakiss (rapping)
I got it now though baby...
Uh, Mutha fukin' kiss of death nigga...
Lets go,
J-A-D-A this is it right here,
Kiss of death, just warn em'
J-A-D-A, back by popular demand of the hood
J-A-D-A WHat, brown skin rhaspy, one of a kind
J-A-D-A, ah-ha! J to the (kissing noise) niggas know the voice of god.
I'm just makin' the kizar
The chizamp is hizare
They goin' haft ta get me at the top
The gizame is mizine niggas
This yizear
Whoever y'all think can spit, I spit on em'
(Hacks up spit) to, Ah-Ha!

JadaKiss (talking)
We just sartin' this muthafuker
Ruff Ryders, D-Block, Sright!
Kiss of death muthafucka
(Kissing noise)

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