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Cheese Puff Daddy

This song is by Jacqui Naylor and appears on the album Shelter (2003).

Last year around this time
I rose one morn to find my man was gone
Keys gone, car gone, clothes gone
Even the little white lies he told me - gone

Now, I'm in this bar and in he walks
Wearing that "I'm all that hat" and those
"Well I got nothing to lose shoes"

And he says: Hey baby I know you
You're looking real good too
What do you say we call it a day
Take you to a movie or roll in the

Hay baby I know you
You're looking real good too
I'd sure like to take you out tonight
Julie, Joanne or Jeanie - right?

And I look at him, thinking this
Smoking, drinking, always winking man of no tomorrow
Thinks I was born yesterday and I say

Hey, baby I know you
You're the one who broke my heart in two
You must think I'm some kind of a fool
You're a cheese puff daddy and I don't eat junk food


Written by:

Art Khu, Jacqui Naylor

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