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All for You

This song is by Jacqui Naylor and appears on the album Shelter (2003).

In quiet splendor lay
There's nowhere else to be today
Time rests in the sun
Just us, we'll see no one

This day is oh so slow
The grass waits to grow
Willows don't weep
And daffodils sleep
Breathless is the wind
Just perfect to sigh in

The stillness of the trees
Sweet nothings whisper their leaves
I smile for they know
Our wordless ways

The breeze knows the day
Tells its story soft
All for you

In green grass
We lay happy
Summer's sun

So warm
Ly caresses me
My hearts full
And it's all for you

Let's make love
Worthy of the day
Count the ways
Time will stand still
All for you


Written by:

Art Khu, Jacqui Naylor

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