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She's Running Away

This song is by Jacob Young and appears on the album Jacob Young (2001).

She was small enough to make it big
Sure enough to let me go
Fast enough to take us all for a ride
And I long for her, from my first hello
Broken, bruised, but I love her still
Doesn't mean I'm gonna cry
She was lost enough to think that she was always right
And know I know that she had to go
Like a drama queen in the middle of the night

She's runnin' away, yeah
She's runnin' away, yeah
She's runnin' away and I know I'm not gonna follow
I guess that she'll just have to face tomorrow on her own
She's runnin' away

Was I man enough to take the fall
I laughed out loud at my own doubt
I was one step from believing that she had it all
Till I found out what she was all about
Her blonde, brown hair and her blue eyes wide

Chorus repeat

Hurry up
Hurry Up
Hurry Up

I got it for most huh?
She was lookin' at me from across the room
She came up to me we started talking
We exchanged numbers that sort of thing
We were together for quite a stretch and it was pretty good
I introduced her to some people and it seems as if she got her life back on track
The big thing was that she left me right after that
I dunno, what the hell. She wasn't that great anyway


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