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Brains, Brains

This song is by Jacob Borshard.

I've got a paycheck in my front pocket,
A speeding ticket in my back pocket,
If I even things out, I might have enough to get drunk.

I've got a phone number, stuffed in my wallet,
I know I shouldn't do it but I think I'm gonna call it,
And if I get nothin', that's fine, 'cause nothin's what I got.

Brains, brains, you can't kill a zombie with a wooden stake.
Brains, brains, any one could make the same mistake,
So go easy on the girl.
I just wanted what every pirate wants,
I got some booty now I'll never get enough,
I just wanted, I just wanted ...

To sail, to pillage,
So pass the rum and draw your swords,
Let's burn down, the village,
Then we'll grab their boards and surf their girls away...

I've got a picture of a mermaid, hidden in a box,
A dollar fifty six and a dirty pair of socks,
An 'X' on the map, if I don't come back,
Here's where you'll find me.

Brains, brains ...

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