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Mr. Evil

This song is by Jackyl and appears on the album Relentless (2002).

now you went & spilt your guts on the floor
about the things you think that i ignore
can't you see i tend to your needs
that are important
you say just hold me, but that just ain't enough
i see through it when you call your own bluff
can't you see i'm just a man that's doin' the best i can
to make you glade that you're a woman

you call me the bad guy yet
you love all the things that i do to you
yea i'm mr. evil
give the devil his due

no deeds too small to go unnoticed
good or bad, you must be punished
you've been a bad girl
i don't think you ever intend to change
why should you change
& i can see you're certainly a woman


& all i want is for you to get whats comin' to ya
i'm mr. evil

well can't you see that i'm just a man doin' the best i can
to make you glade your a woman