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Billy Badass

This song is by Jackyl and appears on the album Relentless (2002).

i'm just a boy from under the hood & i play in a rock-n-roll band
i cut my first track i stand alone "why you feel"
i cut my second with a chaunsaw in hand
cuz it was loud, mean, aggressive & rude
& everybody came to hear it
& watch me get nude
i was the first to stand up against the pmrc
how soon we forget but you can't forget me

cuz i am a motherfucker
i am a pound of broken glass yea
i am a motherfucker
i am a billy badass

i'm all over you like stink is on shit
when you put me in a category i don't fit
i set the stage on fire in woodstock '94
it either rocks or it don't & i'm rock to the core
remember headbangers ball back when mtv was mean
that was back when carson daly was still shittin' green
you want to see the real world, then step on our bus
cuz the real world is comin' to jam with us


well rock me, roll me, jackyl me off

well i am a world record holder,
got my name in the book
100 shows in 50 dayswas all that it took to set the record straight
the way it should be
you say fuck you, i say fuck with me

i am a motherfucker
i am a pound of broken glass yea
i am a motherfucker
just call me billy badass(2x)

billy badass

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