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Shady Day

This song is by jacksoul and appears on the album Resurrected (2004).

Summer winds still blowin (blowin)
Summer suns still glowin (glowin)
And the kids still laugh as they play all day.
I met a real fine lady (lady)
Shes a right on time baby
but its a little complicated cuz shes just not you

So I gotta say some would tell me why
even the stars up in the sky
conspire to shine, they're on your side
I'm havin a Shady day

I had a real hard work day (work day)
and even though its Friday
I don't wanna go I keep thinking about you,
Yeah yeah
Everything is blase blase
I dont even wanna watch the TV
I just sit around thinkin bout how we used to do
Come on

Your love should be crime
The way that it just got jacked, my mind
the moment he, just passed in time
I think its a shady day


I dream about you sittin in my ride (my ride)
I dream about you layin by my side (my side)
dream about you sharing those sweet dreams as we sit and watch the sun rise
it was my fault, the way that I act
and thats a fact, and now she wont come back
Oh Lord, now I would do anything to have her back with me

Woah woah woah
Your love should be crime
The way that it just got jacked, my mind
I'm over you, just passin time


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