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Album by Jackson Heights.
  1. Tramp
  2. Dog Got Bitten
  3. Autumn Brigade
  4. Long Time Dying
  5. Sweet Hill Tunnel
  6. Laughing Gear
  7. House In The Country
  8. Rent A Friend
  9. Luxford
  10. Pastor Roger



  • Lee Jackson: bass, vocals, acoustic guitar, congas, electric cello
  • John McBurnie: 6 and 12 string acoustic guitars, vocals, assorted Latin American percussion
  • Brian Chatton: piano, organ, mellotron, vocals
  • Michael Giles: drums
  • Roger McKew: solo guitars on Laughing Gear and Luxford
  • Lawrie Wright: piano on Long Time Dying, Sweet Hill Tunnel and House In The Country
  • Dave Watts: piano on Laughing Gear

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