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Album by Jackson Heights.
  1. Maureen
  2. Oh You Beauty
  3. As She Starts
  4. Bebop
  5. Catch A Thief
  6. Ragamuffins Fool
  7. Chorale (From Five Bridges Suite)
  8. Chips And Chicken
  9. Poor Peter
  10. Bellyful Of Water


  • Lee Jackson: vocals, bass, congas, assorted percussion, 6 string guitar, harmonica
  • John McBurnie: vocals, 6 string and 12 string acoustic guitars, mellotron, piano
  • Brian Chatton: vocals, piano, electric piano, organ, mellotron
  • Michael Giles: drums
  • Laurie 'Gollox' Jay: drums on Ragamuffins Fool
  • Race McCleod: drums on Poor Peter
  • Mo Fletcher: string bass on As She Starts
  • Mox Gowland: harmonica on Chips And Chicken and Poor Peter
  • Keith Harris: banjo on Poor Peter
  • Oli Oliver: fiddle on Poor Peter

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