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Album by Jackson Heights.
  1. I Could Be Your Orchestra
  2. Spaghetti Sunshine
  3. Long Necked Lady
  4. Public Romance
  5. Bump and Grind
  6. Cumberland Country
  7. It's a Shame
  8. Ladies in the Chorus
  9. Whatever Happened to the Conversation


  • Lee Jackson: vocals, bass guitar, congas, percussion, electric cello
  • John McBurnie: vocals, acoustic guitar, mellotron, percussion
  • Brian Chatton: piano, clavinet, organ, mellotron, harpsichord, celeste, tubular bells, electric pianette, moog synthesizer (loaned and programmed by Keith Emerson)
  • Michael Giles: drums on I Could Be Your Orchestra, Spaghetti Sunshine, Public Romance and Cumberland Country
  • Ian Wallace: drums on Long Necked Lady, It's A Shame, Ladies In The Chorus, and Whatever Happened To The Conversation
  • Ian Paice: drums on Bump And Grind (uncredited)
  • Roger McKew: electric guitar on Cumberland Country
  • Johnny Van Derrick: fiddle on Long Necked Lady
  • Billy Bell: banjo on Long Necked Lady
  • Orchestra arranged and conducted by Ian Green
  • 12 violins: Alan Travers, Jeff Grey, Clare Farmer, Gavyn Wright, Andy Babynchuk, David Woodcock, Liz Edwards, Louise Jopling, Eddy Roberts, Cathy Wei, Godfrey Salmon, Paul Pearce
  • 4 violas: Don McVay, Jan Schlapp, Brian Hawkins, Brian Mack
  • 4 celli: Helen Liebmann, Lynden Cranham, Martin Robinson, Mike Hurwitz
  • Bass: Chris Laurence
  • Banjo: Billy Bell
  • Solo violin: Johnny Van Derrick

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