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World's Greatest

This song is by Jackopierce and appears on the compilation album Decade 1988-1998 (1998).

The music in the hall was thumping
He scarred to the corner to the wall he was standing
He waited for the score
Like a train to arrive

He never wears flashes
Smiles real or imagines
All the badges that are worn at the door to get in

Slowly beat start racing
He starts bracing for the shock
Not easily it begins

Corner of 14th, cold like a branch
A man done no wrong
A heart that stopped beating reason for believing
Without a sign
The world's greatest lover, choking on his crown

Head long through the den the traffic slow to snakin'
Under the lights on the boulevard a girl with another's name

In deep into his skin
She slips him something, swallow it might save him

You know all these things all the truths, she keeps repeating
Through the music that he uses through the rhythm of his breathing

She is not the one he dreams
When some nights get lonely
We take anything to believe

Corner of 14th
Cold like a branch
A man figured out all wrong
A heart that stopped beating reason for believing

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