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Neighbours/Little Dutch Mill

This song is by Jackie Washington and appears on the album Midnight Choo Choo (1998).


Oh pardon me, but don't you know we're neighbours
We simply had to say "Hello"
Your smile gives me a hunch
Before the evening ends
If we make a date
It's gonna be great
We'll be the best of friends
As well as neighbours
I thank my lucky star
Because we're neighbours
That's why it may be premature
But little girl I'm sure
Though we're only neighbours, you and I
But we'll be sweethearts by and by

Little Dutch Mill

There's a little Dutch mill
On a little Dutch hill
Where the little Dutch stars shine bright

Now a little Dutch boy
And his little Dutch girl
Fell in love by the mill one night

Up above, the Dutch moon made the scene complete
They both had so much moon, that it was a real Dutch treat

Now the little Dutch boy and his little Dutch girl
The bought the little Dutch mill on the little Dutch hill
And they've added a touch to a little Dutch family


Written by:

Harry Barris, Ralph Freed

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