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The Real Me

This song is by Jaci Velasquez and appears on the album Unspoken (2003).

People think I've got it all together
With the show of my sweet, sweet smile
But do they know if I've been happy ever
Pull up a chair 'cause this may take a while
Okay, so here's the thing

I've got my bad days
And some are even worse
I can be a blessing
And you know, I can be a curse

I tremble at rejection
I'm scared to be alone
Sometimes I may be selfish
But I always make it home

This is the real me
Am I the girl that you want me to be
This is the real me
With flaws and fears of intimacy
This is the real me

Can you face it
Can you feel it
Can you take it
Can you deal with
The real me

So now you see that I am far from perfect
I will fall and I will make mistakes
But I am here and this has taken courage
Will you abandon me or will you stay

I know that I'm demanding
And sometimes insecure
I think I've got the answers
But then I'm not so sure

I sometimes need attention
A little more than I should
But there is a part of me
That give the whole world if I could


Now that I've gone and let you in
And I no longer will pretend
Will you please still be my friend


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