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The Angel Song

This song is by Jaci Velasquez and appears on the album Christmas (2001).

In the chill of the night
While the moon gently sleeps
I wander in silence on snow-laden
As I gaze into sunsets over silhouette
I am amazed that the God who made
all this, made me

As my eyes were open I began
to believe
The mystery of Christmas was truly
A great host of angels came calling
to me
Taking me back to the pure sacred

Singing la, la, lalala, lalalala, lalalalalala
There's a savior born to us today
Singing la, la, lalala, lalalala, lalalalalala
The Messiah, Christ the Lord

In the light of the angels surrounding
my soul
I know for certain I'm never alone
Now let all of your children feel the
love that you gave
And in honor of you give it away


*From the album CHRISTMAS*

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