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I'm Alive

This song is by Jaci Velasquez and appears on the album Unspoken (2003).

The first breath
A new sky
You hung the stars
And placed the sunrise
Painted colors
Yellow and green
And every other in between

From the dust
Became flesh and bone
The greatest gift I've ever known

I'm alive
I'm alive
I feel Your arms around me
Your eyes of love surround me
I'm alive
To shine in pure perfection
And wake up every morning
In Your light
I'm so glad
I'm alive

Bare feet
My first steps
And new dreams
In every sunset
What a gift
That You give me every day
But what a price You had to pay


Life traveling on
And when my time has come
To say farewell
From dust to dust
But You bring me safely home

I take my first breath
I see the new sky
I hear the angels
I see my Father's eyes
And I know, I know


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