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Watching The Moon

This song is by Jacco Gardner and appears on the album Cabinet Of Curiosities (2013).

Into the forest deeper we go
Trees look up on us while larger they grow
Darkness surrounds us the sky moves away
But we are the night there's no time to stay

We wander along as we stumble upon
A place to remember a place to be gone
Time has surrendered for us to attend
An incredible feeling I'm feeling my friend

We're watching the moon
As it lightens the sky in the midnight air
Time standing still
And I see the light fall down on your hair
We're standing there gazing
Trees moving softly as night passes by
The wind on our faces
I try to forget while I'm wondering why

That's when we start and were it began
My mind drifts away as we are one
Autumn leaves dancing in firey red
Whenever they wisper they make me forget

The dream will continue while we are asleep
While we are awake the dream I will see
The moon is enchanting and everything shines
Diamonds in water gold in the sky

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