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This song is by Ja Rule.

Have you ever heard two niggas talkin' crazy,
The lyricall attack is whack it ain't even fazing,
Braggin on what you gon do but ain't done yet,
After the rap war attack niggas is still slippin sweat,
You say you spit but yo shit still sounds dry,
So why you still talkin' after a few blows hoes cry,
You talkin' like your record company really is that strong,
Betta check that white boy he ain't gon last to fuckin' long,
'Cause he poppin' off at that mouth which makes him a prime target,
Like the candy I'll split his shell and crack his peanut,
Call it a hard hit,
Keep yo change in yo pocket very low and very quiet,
Don't let it keep rattlin or I'll spend it very quiet,
He been stuck on ja for a very long time,
What is this dude gay, save your parade,
Gay unit is a school play,
You seen yo life flash once before your very eyes right,
Learn yo lesson bitch, it happened once already 2nd time it ain't no trick,
Fake clique.

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