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Rock Star

This song is by Ja Rule and appears on the album The Last Temptation (2002).

"Rock Star"

Yeah, hehe
[Ja imitating guitar] Eh, uh, uh - here we go
Yeah, yeah
Murder Inc, uh, uh - classic shit
Yeah y'all

I'm a rock star bay-bay (yeah)

(Coughs] Fuckin' with these niggaz! [laughs)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, uh

(Chorus: Ja Rule)
I'm a rock star bay-bay
If they could only, read my mind
I'm a rock star bay-bay
If they could only, hear my cries
I'm a rock star bay-bay
If they would only re-alize
I'm a rock star bay-bay, hey hey
Only if they could live my life

(Ja Rule)
Said a nigga was RAISED up in the streets (yeah mama I'm a thug)
And nuttin is stoppin' for me (except for myself)
Is the Lord in me? (You and everyone else)
God please shine down on me
I'm not the only nigga that prays every day for forgiveness
This life is makin' me substance abusive
The media always wants the exclusive
Well here it is - FUCK 'EM ALL - baby 'cause they're useless
Sometimes I feel all I need is my music
It fuckin' sets me free, and let me breathe
Cause my niggaz ain't leavin' they blood on the streets
For they kids not to eat, and they kids not to eat
REVOLUTION! Pick a side and draw heats
And may the best man hold his head on these here streets
Cause in life and in music I'm poised and I'm focused
And the world should take notice

(Ja Rule)
Underworld ties, is where my heart lies
They do the drama, makin' songs like "Ol' Blue Eyes"
That make the whole world sing...
It's all right if you don't understand me, it wasn't meant to be
'Cause it's hard enough for me to fight for what I believe in
Than have to look in the mirror and see demons
Now everybody's talkin' rhyme over reason
My only reason for rhymin is 'cause I bleed it
Here come the leeches; they gettin' paid
Off my talent, my love, my pain - am I a slave?
Bein cursed in my own brain
For this life I embrace and I praise
A nigga stuck in his ways
As the remix plays
Rule and J. Blige, "Rainy Days"
I think about life and music and how to stay focused
And the world should take notice

(Ja Rule)
Hey, this is a message to mankind
I bust clearly you shoot blind, not in my right mind
Lord if you love me please throw up a sign
And take a nigga off the path of destroyin his life, and
This life we're livin' the sign of the times
Where buildings take on planes, babies born with AIDS
And we all need change
So I became a rock star bay-bay (rock on)
Now they all gon' hate me (hate on)
But from the bottom of my heart I pray
That in life and in music the world stays focused
And I hope you all notice

(Chorus - repeat 2X)

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