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Mezmerize (Radio Version)

This song is by Ja Rule.

(Ja) Girl you're stare, those eyes I
(Ashanti) Love it when you look at me baby
(Ja) You're lips, you're smile I
(Ashanti) Love it when you kiss me baby
(Ja) You're hips, those thighs I
(Ashanti) Love it when you thug me baby
(Ja) and I can't deny I
(Ashanti) Love it when I'm wichu baby

(Ja Rule)

I got a fetish for ****** you with a skirt on
On a backstreet in the backseat of the Yukon.
What's takin' so long?
I'm gettin' anxious but patiently waitin' for you,
To tell nigga to move on.
Between me and u,
We can find each other
Flyin' aboard in my private g2
I ain't tryin' to G u,
I'm tryin' to see u
Bend over, u know how we do it,
Feet to shoulders.
Bring heat to coldest night, so ferocious,
Now you street promotin' this **** game is potent
'Cause in tha bed, Rule go hard like Jordan.
Sweat pourin' lovin' the way you be moanin'.
Grippin' tha sheets lookin' at me lickin' at me
'Cause every woman jus wanna be happy.
And it's crazy, but baby I

Love it whaen I'm wichu baby


I wanna getta way
'Cause you know like I know
And there's a better day comin'
I'm hooked on you're love and believe me
When you hold my body I know you need me
Wait for me baby
I been goin' half crazy for you're love
And I was told that the sex is better than drugs
Then get addicted, boy, listen
You're the only piece of the puzzel been missin'
Like when we kissen,
Bye, bye, bye
U gotta girl that'll
Ride, ride, ride
So take me tonight and do whatchu do to me baby

Shorty, are you really gettin' bored with me or him
Cause though I play a lot of games, I play 'em to win

But then again I'm still young and I'm livin' my life

You know you're right and I'm the type
To pull up to your bumper, get your number, baby

I can only help but wonder

What life would be without

My sweet baby

Yeah, you're my baby

Holla if you hear me
Oh... oh... oh...
You can understand that my love is pain
And how I'm feelin', babe, it's just a woman thing

It's a man's world, but I under stand

Well, there's still nothin' different boy, as to do to play

You be my down *** wit your round ***

I know I'm feelin' you

Like you be feelin' me

The way you're wantin my body, the way you touch me

(Repeat Chorus Out)

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