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Loose Change

This song is by Ja Rule.

Loose change" by ja

Ja-rule talkin'/yellin':
These faggot ass niggas, ay yo buck, word to mutha
Yo they had young malcolm silenced too long baby! they can't fuckin' hold me down nigguh! tha fuck these niggas thought?! it's tha i-n-c niggas, it's murda. m.i.b. nigga. murda inc bouncas! muthafuckas! ja-rule. (laughs) ayo buck. turn this shit up in my muthafuckin' head phones. turn me up niggas. fuck these faggats. (laughs) it's real nigga. yeah, it's real. ayo word ta motha- fuck you loose change! you faggot! feminem ahm'a set you straight, you b!tch!

How many niggas holdin' heat like rule? side arm, barrel in mouth
Blow ya head out from tha south
And then if little j get ta airin' you out
And if there's any change, left, I'll toss ya on down ta tha west
And let tha row ride down on ya, ka-lee-fawn-nya (very 2pac-est)
'Love is whut you craved' shown on your grave
It's gon' read, hear lies 50, who snitched on meinie
That half a dollar that nickled and dimed and dapped like penny
And murda inc. will send their deepest condolences and sympathies
To aftermath and shady, interscope and jimmy
Iovine, ya know, your team, they really some pee ons
Gettin' peed on and leant on.
I'm talkin' 'bout faggot ass gay dre young
And she tooold me-all about how you used to take transvestites home
And occasionally wear thongs
No wonder feminem be cross dressin' in pumps and tight little dresses
My pumps they leave big messes
And I know tha truth hurts when I bus' weapons
Betta love tha sexes
Is that a woman or a man, I really don't care to stand
But 50, you gon' get shot again
By the m-u-r-d-r-e inc. (-- not a typo)
I'm tha rappa that sings, totes guns and blings
And these feds? can't discuss it. just like these violatin'as
Usin' these [someone soundin' like irv yells all ova ja's vocals w/ a "fuck you lighty!"] cryin' b!tch to russel like

(Beat changes to "made you look"by nas)

'They shootin!' ah chris you shook
And got bust rhymin' tha same old hook like
'They shootin'!' I ain't shoot up ya land
I oughta put ya in tha corona van
Like my nigga jay ta *mwaa* [can't make it out]
We should be together like carl when I clap at ya broads
And 'em whut's tha doo rag for?
You neva gon' have waves, you neva gon' know Black pain
But you gon' be tha 1st white rappa slain
Just get your money mayne
Tha inc. is runnin' thangs, hide out with loose change
And you nigga, ahm a send you to mommie
Ya strict, notice from gotti to hide tha body
And dre, ya day's commin' too. 'cause I got a team of misfits
Who squat and handle they business
'Cause, ahm shootin! at all ya niggas
And little mo', yu just one of them bitches
That ain't had a hot song in how long? neva
Your betta off with a d!ck in ya mouth. shut up!
Em, ya claim ya mutha's a crack head and kim is a known slut
So whut's halie gon' be when she grows up?

Murrrr-daaaaa! y'all know whut it is?!
Murrrr-daaaaa! y'all know whut it be?!
Murrrr-daaaaa! y'all know whut it is?!
Murrrr-daaaaa! i-n-c

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