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Life Ain't a Game

This song is by Ja Rule and appears on the movie soundtrack The Fast and the Furious (2001).

Life ain't a game (no) if you feelin' me (say yeah-yeah)
Flip the bird where (in the air) fuck the world (we don't care) x2

It's time to ride out niggaz stash your cash at the hideout
The Murderous I-N-C's en route (y'all hear me)
Feelin' my shit the same (y'all fear me)
In every definitive way (I'm really)
The nigga that you need to get with 'cause y'all pop shit nigga
I pop clips nigga hot, but not the black four-dot-six nigga
You know the Rule, thug heart nigga and I don't need no fake friends
Broke ties, loose ends there they go niggaz is at it again
Tryin' to befriend the nigga that they claim they love
But hate so much and really all we got is us
But fuck it, it's the same way they fucked me
Now I'm fuckin' your broad in the back of a Humvee
Go figure I'll have your niggaz pourin' out liquor
All because you fuckin' with the Rule nigga

Take my life, take my mind, take my heart, take my soul
Take my cash, take it all but save me, I'm throwing my life away

Why, would a nigga with so much talent
Want to throw it all away to drugs and violence?
I know not the answers but I ask the questions
Do all Muslims really study their lessons?
And how many Christians lie during confessions?
I know I did when I was just a kid
Never told about the guns my uncle hid under my bed
And at night I played with them
Kind of grew up to be sort of a loose cannon
Before my sins, I'm asking you to let me in Lord help me
I been through all the pain now I wanna know who loves me

Changes, changes my mind is going through changes, changes
My body's going through changes, changes
My life is going through changes, changes

Yo, looky here, I just wanna fuck all day - live my life
Get high all day - my life, maybe one day I'll live right
Fuck the world - it's my life

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