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The Intro... (2005)Edit

J Rice - The Intro...
The Intro...
  1. Mind Body & Soul
  2. Love Athlete
  3. Show Me (featuring Rocky Sandoval)
  4. I Wish
  5. One More Day
  6. Give U Everything
  7. Naturally Beautiful
  8. Another Tear
  9. I Want Out
  10. Million Ways (featuring Erin Rice)

Phantom Boyz Present: J Rice (2010)Edit

J Rice - Phantom Boyz Present
Phantom Boyz Present: J Rice
  1. Afraid of Love
  2. Stay With You
  3. Paralyzed
  4. Do You Believe Me Now
  5. Invincible
  6. Fight
  7. Can You Hear Me Now
  8. I'll Never Forget
  9. She Was You
  10. Tell Me
  11. It's You
    Bonus tracks:
  12. Remembered
  13. Victoria Secret Model
  14. I Love You Mom
  15. So Close Acoustic

The Covers, Vol. 1 (2010)Edit

J Rice - The Covers, Vol. 1
The Covers, Vol. 1
  1. Love the Way You Lie / Not Afraid
  2. California Gurls (A Capella Beatbox)
  3. Just the Way You Are (featuring Jason Chen)
  4. Mine
  5. Dj Got Us Falling in Love Again (A Cappella Beatbox)
  6. Dynamite / In My Head
  7. Fireflies / Vanilla Twilight
  8. That Should Be Me (featuring Ashe Watson)
  9. Need You Now
  10. Temporary Home (featuring Shan Malaika)
  11. The Climb
  12. Afraid of Love (Bonus track)

The Covers, Vol. II (2011)Edit

J Rice - The Covers, Vol. II
The Covers, Vol. II
  1. Hold My Hand (featuring Kurt Schneider)
  2. Pray Mashup (featuring Ahmir)
  3. Grenade
  4. Never Let You Go (featuring David Sides)
  5. Forget You (A Capella) (featuring [hebeatboxhitman)
  6. Angel (featuring Conor Maynard)
  7. Teenage Billionaire Mashup
  8. Only Girl (In the World)
  9. Just a Dream (featuring Mike Bivona)
  10. Tong Hua (Fairytale) English / Chinese (featuring Jason Chen)
  11. Thank You for the Broken Heart
  12. Thank You for the Broken Heart (Acoustic) (featuring David Sides)
  13. Do You Believe Me Now

The Covers, Vol. III (2011)Edit

J Rice - The Covers, Vol. III
The Covers, Vol. III
  1. Fly
  2. Domino (A Capella Beatbox)
  3. Jar of Hearts
  4. Skyscraper (featuring Jessica Sanchez)
  5. How to Love
  6. Best Thing I Never Had
  7. Someone Like You
  8. Next to You (featuring Laurence0802)
  9. Born This Way
  10. Lighters / Price Tag
  11. Talking to the Moon (featuring Nick Pitera)

The Covers, Vol. 4 (2012)Edit

J Rice - The Covers, Vol. 4
The Covers, Vol. 4
  1. Little Things
  2. Knew You Were Trouble (featuring Riley Biederer)
  3. Locked Out of Heaven (A Capella Beatbox)
  4. Finally Found You
  5. One More Night
  6. We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together (featuring Remixifyed)
  7. Boyfriend
  8. Payphone
  9. Wide Awake / Dont Wake Me Up
  10. Baby Never Let You Go
  11. Die In Your Arms

The Covers, Vol. 5 (2013)Edit

J Rice - The Covers, Vol. 5
The Covers, Vol. 5
  1. Heart Attack
  2. Stay
  3. When I Was Your Man
  4. Just Give Me a Reason
  5. Young Girls
  6. TroubleMaker

Other SongsEdit

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  1. Bleeding Love
  2. Driving Myself Insane
  3. Fire Is Dying
  4. Hold It Against Me
  5. Love Somebody
  6. Mad
  7. Mirrors
  8. Nothing On You
  9. Ok To Cry
  10. Okay To Cry
  11. Replay
  12. Thank You For A Broken Heart
  13. War
  14. What Makes You Beautiful
  15. Boyfriend
  16. Thank You For A Broken Heart