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Dime Piece (Remix)

This song is by J Dilla and appears on the album The Shining (2006).




Find my dime piece tonight
She will be by my side
Signed on the dotted
Cause even good ones turn bad
And I ain't bout to get at (nobody)
I'll Find My Lady Tonight
She Will Be My Alibi
To keep the police off me but that ain't right
But I'm a player tonight

Useless for me to see a lady
Unless she can be my
A... N... G-E-L (L-L-L)


This one looks nice to try
I like the way she fits my eye
So beautiful that she's divine
I spotted you from across the room
And I was diggin your moves (yeah)
You looked at me in a way that proved
That my eyes had did
What I wanted them to do
Come feel my love when I move
On this dance floor with you
I love your ways
You've got me for tonight girl
So don't be shy, angel
I do believe our times almost up
For this eyeing game
Oh, you came with him
That means my time is growing slim
Cause you know I've got to find (find, find)


Cause you know I've got to find someone as (ooh)
Fine as you to be my (ooh)
Dime to last a lifetime
I hope Imma meet that lady to be
I'm fed up with these no romance dances
And these late night creeps
She will be
The hottest one from this picture
That keeps my mind on high
So fly, truly I...
Can't leave the scene
I refuse to leave this place
Without my queen
(Need you to know that means I've got to find...)


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