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Dilla Bot Vs. The Hybrid

This song is by J Dilla and appears on the album Jay Stay Paid (2009).

(Danny Brown)
I break laws, jaws, and false promises
Still livin' in the same hood where my momma is
Smoke like I'm tryin' to find what a coma is
Jumpsart show your jaw what a comma is
Fuck with Brown dog show you where the drama is
Swear it might be easier to snatch Obama kids
Take a nigga out quicker than Adam rib
Geah, I make a bitch out a nigga
Jim Jones at the Rucker jumpin' fence ass nigga
When I build parallel and I'm clutchin on the trigger (shoot)
I'mma have you jumpin' them pearly gates
All gravy like country steak - wait
A minute like Kim and Ray J
Day sound like the bassline on Dre Day
Bum-da-bum bum bum bum, bum
Your bitch take it on her chest like a pom, pom
Roswell like Lauryn, dog I'm scorin
More hoes than 20 fire oh Michael Jordan (shoot)
Touch mics like Macaulay Culkin
Hit your bitch with the chocolate thunder Darryl Dawkins
And I'mma break her headboard
Same way he used to break the backboard
That boy so raw
But never in her dreams will I ever ever ever ever
Ever hit that bitch raw
Just saved my life, just like Dilla did
More than a t-shirt
Grandma like the same shit like Captain Kirk
And I can make ya bitch smirk
Water gun pussy, I can make that bitch squirt
Got hoes 'round Startecs, ballin by chirps (shoot)
And you gon' need a nurse
Flip a whole deck, coming home 3rd Bass like Serch
And I'm Nice like Pete
Been nice since watchin' Pete and Pete
When you cop chronic you don't got chicks
Soundin like the Nickelodeon theme song kid
Nick Nick Ni-Nick, Ni-Nick Nick Nick
When I call the weed man nigga I cop big
So much in the backroom when I tell the kids
Detroit in this bitch!

Detroit is in this bitch (in this bitch~!)
Detroit is in this bitch (this bitch~!)
Danny Brown is still that shit (that shit~!)
Danny Brown is still that shit (shoot)

[Redman] Yo, turn me up
(We gon' break this joint down man aiyyo)

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