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JLS (2009)Edit

  1. Beat Again
  2. Everybody in Love
  3. Keep You
  4. Crazy for You
  5. Heal This Heartbreak
  6. Close to You
  7. Only Tonight
  8. One Shot
  9. Private
  10. Don't Go
  11. Only Making Love
  12. Kickstart
  13. Tightrope

Outta This World (2010)Edit

JLS - Outta This World
Outta This World
  1. The Club Is Alive
  2. Eyes Wide Shut
  3. Outta This World
  4. That's My Girl
  5. Work
  6. I Know What She Like
  7. Love You More
  8. Other Side Of The World
  9. Better for You
  10. Superhero
  11. Love At War
  12. Don't Talk About Love
  13. That's Where I'm Coming From
  14. The Last Song

Jukebox (2011)Edit

JLS - Jukebox
  1. She Makes Me Wanna (featuring Dev)
  2. Do You Feel What I Feel?
  3. Teach Me How to Dance
  4. Take a Chance on Me
  5. Go Harder
  6. So Many Girls
  7. 3D
  8. Take You Down
  9. Innocence
  10. Killed by Love
  11. Never Gonna Stop
  12. Shy of the Cool

Evolution (2012)Edit

JLS - Evolution
  1. Dessert
  2. Hottest Girl in the World
  3. Have Your Way
  4. Hold Me Down
  5. I Like It
  6. All the Way
  7. Give Me Life
  8. Don't Know That
  9. Troublemaker
  10. Gotta Try It

Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks

  1. Homeless Heart
  2. Heartrock
  3. Single No More
  4. Talk it Out
  5. Hottest Girl in the World (Wideboys Remix)
  6. Dessert (featuring Tiffany Foxx)


  1. Umbrella (Beat Again single)
  2. Spell It Out (Everybody in Love single)
  3. Mary (One Shot single)
  4. Only Tonight (featuring Chipmunk) (The Club Is Alive single)
  5. You Got My Love ((Love You More single)
  6. Broken Strings (Eyes Wide Shut single)
  7. Nobody Knows (She Makes Me Wanna single)

Other SongsEdit

The songs listed below should be split into albums. Please remove this section once this has been done. (more information)
  1. Ain't That A Kick In The Head
  2. Apology Song
  3. Butterfly Flyaway
  4. Clowning
  5. Hallelujah (X-Factor finalist performance)
  6. I'm Already There
  7. Keep Marchin'
  8. Love's On The Line
  9. One Call Away
  10. PCD
  11. Proud
  12. Sleeping With
  13. Unstoppable
  14. We Rock The Night

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