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Not This Time

This song is by JLE.

Had me falling on the ground
Happiness nowhere around
Rain still falling pound by pound
Couldn't see through all the clouds
Looking back I couldn't see how
I could not just up and leave
I should've had more faith in me
But I learned eventually

Nobody, nobody can stop me now
Nobody, nobody can take my crown
Nobody, nobody can pull me down
No not this time
Nobody no matter what they say
Nobody, nobody can ruin my day
Happiness nobody can take it away
No not this time

Now that I know my true friends won't let this happen again
No way can I just let you win can't let you back in
But I'm happy now that I know you let your true colors show
You will reap just what you show
And I'm glad I let you go

Won't let it all get to me
'Cause from now on your history
I'm sick of all this using me
Won't let it be that your affecting me
So please believe that I gotta leave

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