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Enchanted Land

This song is by JLE.

Tonight it's gonna be all about having fun
'Cause every other day I'm on the run
So look around the room and tell me what you see
There's room for dancing so it's gotta be the place to be
So I just got one thing to say
Y'all just better move out my way
Baby 'cause tonight I'm gonna dance
Drifting into enchanted land

Ooh let's dance (take me to enchanted land)
Ooh let's dance (take me to enchanted land)
Do you want to go with me to enchanted land
You will have the most fun you've ever had
Here you can relax and let your mind free
Come on and enjoy yourself and dance with me

Take me to a place where love never dies
Take me to a place where freedom lies
Oh in this place there is always time to dance
This is the place I call enchanted land
But tomorrow will come with more work to be done
Baby but tonight I'm gonna dance drifting into enchanted land

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