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This song is by JLE.

Like a candle softly lights the room
A warm trail of shadows
Whispers on you like a
Rainbow soars across the sky
So is the glow in your eyes
And it comes from inside your

Beauty, beauty from your heart
Rains beauty the love you gave
Is beauty you make me feel
So beautiful, beautiful, beautiful
So beautiful

It's not easy to come by
And it's hard 'cause you can't see it from the outside
But when it comes you will know
And time will show
That's it's more than an outer frame

You know it when you look it into their eyes
And you see all the beauty that's inside
And you realize just how beautiful

Like a long walk on the beach
Like a warm and cool breeze
Like a bird when it spreads it's wings
So much beauty like rain on a summer day
Like a wave when it's washed away

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