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The American Dream

This song is by JJ Gilmour and appears on the album Sunnyside (P.A.L.) (2002).

Now that you're back here
What do you want, dear?
You moved away from here
And the American dream
There's nothing to it
I guess that you blew it
You couldn't do it
You fell apart at the seams

And turn your motor, turn your motor
Tell your mother to turn your motor on
And don't you bother, don't you bother
We don't care if you can't carry on
With the American dream

You're in a freeze frame
We rue the day same
We watched as the plane came
To our American dream
And you took the biscuit
But we never missed it
You're just a fucking misfit
In our American dream, mm-mmm...

So turn your TV, turn your TV
Tune to BBC, 'cause that's what's on
And pay attention, pay attention
You'd absolutely no intentions, son
For the American dream

In an Indian sky, you walked all around
In a blink of an eye, in a deafening sound
In a moment of peace, there was too many lies
Just let it go by, let it go by, let it go by

So turn it over, turn it over
Read between the lines where you have been
Do you remember, do you remember
When you turned your back and left the scene
Of our American dream
It's our American dream
Oh, my, the American dream

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