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Young Hearts

This song is by JJ Demon and appears on the album Live Backwards (2011).

In the summer when the sun leaves later
We sat under the plum tree
Hearing the hum of the cicadas
We become free
Fireflies, lantern
The fields of our youth
Ever feel the sky's amber

Brings a calming glow
Like a brush
We can kiss and my mom won't know
And I promise
Tonight to be honest
My pot grows cold
Don't tell us that we're too young
And the blinds won't hold

But I feel like
This is for real life
I'm squeezing your hand in a trance
That's so clever
Dandelions explode
The wind blows tender
Will I still be outside of your window in September?

Who knows when the days are like years
And my big little heart says
"Stay the night here"
Knowin' I can't
And I won't
But I want to
Suddenly I'm brave enough
To tell you that I love you

In the summer when the sun stays longer
And everyday is Sunday
There's no place to complain
Two hearts unchained,
Kids fallin' fast
Bear for thunderwaves
We're fallin' in the grass

Left it spillin' like
Water from a bucket
Life was so luscious
Now we're both thrushes (?)
How much is a popsicle
'Cause I'm treatin'
We leave the red stains on our faces while we eat 'em
On the swings like the wings of a lovebird
Children upping forts in the passion of the suburb

We plan for the next minute
We abandon our plan
And the very second we're in it
Cause these are like the days to be timid
An its ink will confess
The note I will ask you
But please, certain yes
Maybe all I can remember are the fun parts
Or have we just grown too old for our young hearts?

In the summer when the sun starts humming something beautiful
Before we ever saw our first funeral
Before we ever cried over love and its little quirks
We just like the way it felt not knowing if it will hurt one day

I used to scribble (?) your name on my arm
Now I'm looking at your text not knowing what to respond
All the poetry escapes me
I wonder how we've forgotten
The bliss in waitin' an eternity for a kiss
An eternal leave we'll miss
The days your parents thought we were cute
Now I'm no longer welcome in your home

No shelter from the storm
Back then the clouds all seemed pretty
We learned later how it felt to be alone
Stomp every mountain in the cold
Young love is like icecream
I'm the Cancer and you're the Pisces
Why do we grow like a cancer?
I'm lookin' for that old answer to the question
"Do you like me?"

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