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​Be In My Paradise

This song is by JJ Company and appears on the video game soundtrack beatmania IIDX: Original Soundtracks (2001).

I love you baby, yes, it's true
Just give me the chance a prove
Believe in me, oh baby
I'm never gonna make you cry
All I want is you here with me
Love, love is the magic word for us to say
Together now, you can see the light

Memories of yesterday
You, the only word you know
Memories of yesterday
I'll be your shield
I'll be your shield

When you say you love me
You can be in my paradise
Come and touch my heart, 'cause it's there for you to keep
When you say you love me
You're in my paradise
I will always love you
You will see

When, when, when you say you love me
Tell me, girl, that you love me