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This song is by JD Natasha.

When I see myself into your eyes, I can't do anything, but stop and
Think if that's me.I see the face the face I could only see.I wonder if
That's really me.I see deep into your eyes, but no one sees. I keep on
Crying, but no one hears.I'm so upset, that you don't see. You walk
Towards me, which I can see.You pass by me I feel your breeze. You
Talk to someone, but I can't see. I feel you close, close to me, but can't
Do anything so let go of me.I thought you wouldn't, but now I see.
You let go, I wondered why. You told me it's cause you loved me so.
I believed you, then I trusted you so you left me. All you wanted was
The best for me.

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