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Words Underlined

This song is by JBM and appears on the album Jesse Marchant (2014).

Past the strain, fever crushed
I woke to human sound
An empty street
Loneliness, a fire going out
I feel estranged
From all the world around
The feeling's grown
I fear I'm letting go

Down the street
At once where worlds collide
And light you alone
In an effort strained
I stopped to find the line
Best ends the poem
Where were you
When all of this was fucked
And on it's side?
Those words I underlined

In your part, you a wreck
You were one foot back
Counting and weighing the odds
You were wrong for it love
There was something there
Now erased to black
With the wrongful acts
Of your warm lit half
You can't rely on me
To straighten you away

Now the weight
Of all that's fallen down
Is mine alone
I see the way
You watched your walk
Of blindness find a home
Well I know that change
To let become as right
What is known
I seen that letting go

And in the parting wreck
You a wounded lamb
You couldn't win in the odds
All your mournful love
Into some thin air
Well I was way in the isles
In a wanderlust
In the sunlit air
I saw a light on you
But it faded away

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