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The Whip

This song is by JBM and appears on the album Jesse Marchant (2014).

Breaking apart
From a life too late
I saw the line
Of the coward's trace
It was time
I took to running
And I learned that quick
Packing your life
Onto a traveling stick
Ain't a trial
I came around in the fall
In the rain
Like every child
Who is lost in their way
Standing alone in the line

Everybody likes to feel
They're holding the whip
Here everybody likes
A goal they can drink to, a rise
Yeah everybody's got
Their lines and their ways
And I never wanted
To be part of a chase
Or to heat a wan denial

I see droves of lion faces
Down every row I walk through
Chasing the light
Figuring out how
The world we place here
Into these black hole hearts
Were fitted you and I
Ending the race I am the last one
Even now

I felt the sun
And the warm of the rays
And in the dark
In the canyon wind, alive
There you were standing
With your back to the waves
I picked you up
And then I lost you and babe
I never got it back

You were a light
You didn't have to change
I was the one
Always had you straying behind
Falling around
In the righteous waste
That I filled you up with
It had to have pained you blind
Is there no way
To put it right for you
Even now

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