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The Road Is Dark & Snowed

This song is by JBM and appears on the album Jesse Marchant (2014).

Pack up and plan for the change
Idiot heart to obey
It leads you where
The road is dark and snowed

And all it met you in a storm
Your late ignite into honest form
It felt to you right
But led you lost in the long

All this that's rattled you away
I know excites you in a way
But it sets you blind at fault

I'd seen this side of you before
It came to light in you, and more
I can recall the ways you'd hide
To know it

So this is right you, in a way
But all that stands around you
Ain't a stain
You can wane off into nihil
I know this is
Running you a rain
You know I would
Accept you either way
But it gets me down
Way it's come unravelled

It all isn't right

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