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Stay On Your Knees

This song is by JBM and appears on the album Jesse Marchant (2014).

It's coming out at the seams
All your life
What was leading your way
Firm denial in hand
Blending lines
Not to give you away
Your parts don't align
Coming around
I could see it this time
Not much like you to plead
Spent a life on your knees
In a faith carries no light
One way out
And I can see it is time

It's reached a fall
I know you would have
Reasoned it all
Covered you
In a cleanest of warmth
Love was real
But the meaning was wrong

I never know
When to feed it
Or leave it alone
Pen the lines
Lead us along
Like your part time
Freedom on loan
Spend the night
Then leave us alone

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