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​Snow Chicago

This song is by JBM and appears on the album Jesse Marchant (2014).

Waking to a snowed Chicago
Thoughts of you that fall away
Looking out across at the people
In the office cells along Lake

Last night in a dream
You were lying
Waiting in the room on me
When I arrived
Something gotten
Into you strange and wild
Your looks hadn't changed
But you acted in a way
That I don't understand

I just wanna feel at ease
And that for once I do belong
In all the many forms
And I been some
I've been shit out losing in 'em all
By the wind blow
In a walk of it blind
I know I let that strain on you
Get out of line
Like your winning got away
With you and your time
Like we fall out of plan
And get washed out of hands
I'll never understand