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Every Eye Open

This song is by JBM and appears on the album Jesse Marchant (2014).

Thought you had opened
Your heart to me
Every light shone, I was mistaken
Don't these friends fall out
Ain't they leaves on the ground
Laid into place for you
I remember the nights
When you and I were high
And reclaimed a youth

Your skin in the sun
Your hair in the wind
Every eye open pulls you in
But you are less than what you are
I seen the one you lost
The way you skip across the sand
Lying dead in the ocean
I waited on the pull of your hand

Does it bring you up
To stake your line
In anyone who'll gather around
To live on the grounds
Of your half-whole life
A lie you stake into your life too
The patching of holes
And the light
From the secrets
That shines through
All the waste from the inside
Well I've been living in lies too
Yeah, I've been holding 'em down
And the secret sin
That I've loved you
For more than a little while

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