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Thank You

This song is by J. Holiday and appears on the album Back Of My Lac' (2007).

Girl it's my pleasure to do whatever, whatever you like
And if you say it I will do it all night
You got me screaming my my my my ... baby
Girl I want you to know
If I wined you and dined you would you wake up in the morning in my bed
Don't you tell me no

From the bar to the car
We ain't got that get that far no
To the boom boom room
Got something for you
So hop off in in this tub
And show your boy some love
Baby I just wanna thank you
Girl I want to thank you for a lovely evening
I want to thank you for the time we spent

Show my appreciation I want to bang your back until the morning comes round [2x]

I wanna take my time and put my face in and places it for
That's gonna blow your mind
And what I'm going to do to you ain't never been done to you and
I'm gonna put my name on it
Got screaming different languages girl
While were making love all around the world in France its j'adore in Spain its mi amor
At the crib we on the floor
I just want to take you

I know that you want share love with me

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