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Betcha Never Had

This song is by J. Holiday and appears on the album Back Of My Lac' (2007).

Body like a mutha fucka, damn baby u
Ridin' like a vet trucker, hold up what you say
I'll be pleasin you u'll be pleasin me
Promise me u'll stay here and never leave me
But hold up let me say somethin', pretty mamma thang
Why am I gonna tell you somethin', that I don't mean
'Cause we in the heat of the moment, ima give you the biz b4 I came to the house I told u
Don't be catchin fellins

I cann tell you never had
A nigga this young put it on ya
Askin why I wint stay the night, and hold ya
I can tell you never had
A young nigga take the cat, from ya
Then say I say I can't staygot
Something eels to tend to
I can tell you ain't never had it had it had it

Now why you gotta make this

A situation
You met the kid and decided
That you wanted to dig in
When I said you agreed that it
Wouldn't be no static
Yes I promise to heat it up
Take it down south girl and eat it up
Inever agreed to have chains on me
When it came to leave

Damn I can't lie, I know
U got skill babe, u want us to be close
But I'm not ready to let go
Of bein free to lay my head
Where I fell like
Girl, I told you once b4 so just
Can you understand

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